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Nico Prananta

Articles, drawings, and codes by Nico Prananta, a software developer (iOS and web) and digital artist (for fun!) in Basel, Switzerland. I'm on Twitter.

Cashbac for iOS

December 11, 2018

Cashbac app is an iOS app written in Swift that pays user cash for everyday purchase in Indonesia. In this project, I am mainly responsible… Landing Page

November 10, 2018

iTheorie is a landing page for the company I’m working at right now. It ‘s created using Gatsbyjs just like this blog. This landing page…

iTheorie E-learning Web App

October 10, 2018

iTheorie E-learning is a web app to learn the driving theorie in Switzerland. It is created using React in the front-end and Nodejs in the…

Uangku iOS App

September 10, 2018

Uangku is an e-wallet iOS App for Indonesian. With the app user can transfer money to friends or to a bank account, pay electricity bills…