iTheorie E-learning Web App

October 10, 2018 in works

iTheorie E-learning is a web app to learn the driving theorie in Switzerland. It is created using React in the front-end and Nodejs in the backend. This web app is part of iTheorie Apps family including the top grossing iOS App in Switzerland.

This app has gone through many changes. It started using Mern, a boilerplate for universal React app. While it helped us getting started quickly, the development flow got slower as the app grew. It was mainly because every time we made changes in the server side code, the compilation took a pretty long time.

Since then we decided to drop Mern and to separate the front end and backend. We bootstrapped the front end using Create React App.

Recently we added a new feature to switch the theme to dark mode. Thanks to styled-components, we could accomplish this relatively easily.

Tech stacks:

Both ends:

Front end:


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